26 Apr, 2020

Completion of chicken raising project in Vietnam

2020-05-09T07:51:20+10:00Apr 26th, 2020|

Hearts for Hue (H4H), our partners in Vietnam, have reported the successful conclusion of our joint chicken raising project. The project was designed to assist people with disabilities and other vulnerable people in the Vinh Pu area to develop up a sustainable source of income and a degree of economic independence through chicken farming, marketing […]

16 Aug, 2019

News from Kamrangirchor Composite Development Project (KCDP) in Dhaka, Bangladesh

2019-08-29T15:54:35+10:00Aug 16th, 2019|

PiCCA is partnering with the Symbiosis Foundation (SF) to facilitate the development of a community service hub in Kamrangirchor, Dhaka. The hub aims to enable the delivery of a range of much needed services to the community including pre-school education, vocational training, women’s self-help, health awareness […]

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