26 Apr, 2020

Completion of chicken raising project in Vietnam

2020-05-09T07:51:20+10:00Apr 26th, 2020|

Hearts for Hue (H4H), our partners in Vietnam, have reported the successful conclusion of our joint chicken raising project. The project was designed to assist people with disabilities and other vulnerable people in the Vinh Pu area to develop up a sustainable source of income and a degree of economic independence through chicken farming, marketing […]

28 Mar, 2020

Meet Ruma, Preschool Teacher at Kamrangirchor Composite Development Project in Dhaka

2020-03-28T11:19:14+10:00Mar 28th, 2020|

Ruma is a teacher at the Kamrangirchor Composite Development Project (KCDP) preschool. KCDP runs two classes daily and overall she teaches forty-five children. “Children must go to preschool before they can be enrolled in school” she explains, “this is a government policy.” However, she remarks that in her classes “there are more girls than boys […]

10 Mar, 2020

Meet Dr Rezaul Karim dentist at the KCDP Dental Clinic in Dhaka

2020-03-17T17:42:48+10:00Mar 10th, 2020|

Dr Rezaul Karim is a highly qualified dentist; he trained in Dentistry in Bangladesh, India and Denmark. He volunteers at the Kamrangirchor Composite Development Project (KCDP) Dental Clinic three days a week from 10 am to 3 pm and has his own private practice outside the clinic.  The Dental Clinic is a joint project between […]

23 Feb, 2020

Meet optician Fatema Akter and optometrist Arpan Mrong at the KCDP Eye Clinic in Dhaka

2020-03-17T17:21:18+10:00Feb 23rd, 2020|


“I work at the clinic in the mornings and I make spectacles for people with eye problems,” Fatema explains, “in the afternoon, I go to the field and I talk to people about the problems they face. We also do mobile clinics.

People commonly have problems with vision and general health, especially with children. People in […]

12 Feb, 2020

Meet Bilkis and Insanur, patients at the KCDP Eye Clinic in Dhaka

2020-03-17T16:54:46+10:00Feb 12th, 2020|

Bilkis and Insanur are two patients of the  Kamrangirchor Composite Development Project (KCDP) Eye Clinic. This is a joint project between PiCCA and Symbiosis Foundation.


Bilkis is nineteen and has two children, one is attending the preschool at KCDP. Her husband works in a clothing factory. “My daughter loves preschool” she said, […]

10 Jan, 2020

PiCCA Stories: Bougainville

2020-01-13T17:38:48+10:00Jan 10th, 2020|

In 2019, PiCCA was awarded an Australian Aid Friendship Grant to continue working with the Hako Women’s Collective (HWC) to deliver an Agricultural Hub and Training Activity in the north of Buka Island in the Autonomous Region of Bougainville.

The project delivered training in modern agricultural methods (such as  crop rotation, seed selection, crop inter-planting, composting, efficient water […]

31 Oct, 2019

Update from the poultry vaccination project in The Congo

2019-11-09T17:46:16+10:00Oct 31st, 2019|

In 2018, PiCCA and its partners Kyeema Foundation and AusCongo began a vaccination program in Mbuji Mayi in the Kaisai-Oriental province of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The project is continuing to be delivered with local vaccinators rolling out an ever-increasing sphere of protection for village chickens against the devastation of Newcastle disease. Increasing […]

25 Sep, 2019

KCDP Dental Unit update – Bangladesh

2019-10-20T14:28:02+10:00Sep 25th, 2019|

The Kamrangirchor Composite Development Project Dental Unit was inaugurated on 7th  September 2019 and, under the guidance of Professor Dr Md. Rezaul Karim it is already operating at full swing.

This is part of the community service hub in Kamrangirchor, Dhaka that PiCCA is working together with Symbiosis Foundation to deliver. The dental clinic follows on […]

10 Sep, 2019

Inaugural Hako Agricultural Show – Bougainville

2019-10-20T13:58:29+10:00Sep 10th, 2019|

On September 8th  over 500 people attended the inaugural Hako Agricultural Show organized by the Hako Women’s Collective. This was the culminating event of an agricultural training and development project jointly run with PiCCA and substantially funded by Australia Aid Friendship Grants.

The Hon Robert Tsika Tulsa, Bougainville Minister for Economic Development, and Mr Paul Bedgood […]

16 Aug, 2019

News from Kamrangirchor Composite Development Project (KCDP) in Dhaka, Bangladesh

2019-08-29T15:54:35+10:00Aug 16th, 2019|

PiCCA is partnering with the Symbiosis Foundation (SF) to facilitate the development of a community service hub in Kamrangirchor, Dhaka. The hub aims to enable the delivery of a range of much needed services to the community including pre-school education, vocational training, women’s self-help, health awareness […]