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25 Apr, 2019

Update from chicken-raising project in Vinh Phu, Vietnam

2019-04-28T09:20:45+10:00Apr 25th, 2019|

Vietnam project Improving Living Quality for People with Disability by Chicken Raising has made wonderful progress. With the assistance of our partner, Hearts 4 Hue, the participating families have built their chicken shelters. 2,000 chicks were distributed to 50 families in September 2018 and 2,500 chicks were distributed in December 2018. All chickens have been […]

31 Mar, 2019

Update from Boungainville Australian Aid/PiCCA project

2019-04-21T15:00:19+10:00Mar 31st, 2019|

PiCCA was awarded an Australian Aid Friendship Grant to work with the Hako Women’s Collective (HWC) to deliver an Agricultural Hub and Training Activity in the north of Buka Island in the Autonomous Region of Bougainville. Training in contemporary agricultural methods is well underway. Women, people with a disability and younger people are participating – […]

15 Feb, 2019

Meet our members: Terry Parker

2019-03-25T16:16:05+10:00Feb 15th, 2019|

I’ve been part of PiCCA since it started in early 2015. I think PICCA’s approach to sustainable community development provides a genuine opportunity for meaningful projects that address real needs. All of my career has been focussed on local government. I’ve worked in Australia, southern Africa and the Pacific in roles that are about facilitating and […]

10 Jan, 2019

PiCCA member Mary Denver visits Vietnam project

2019-01-29T10:49:52+10:00Jan 10th, 2019|

Mary Denver, PICCA member since February 2015, recently visited our chicken-raising project in Vinh Phu, Central Vietnam, and met our Vietnam partners, Hearts for Hue (H4H). Here are some of her personal reflections.For more on this project see https://picca.org.au/what-we-do/

On my way

As I fly out of Brisbane on Christmas Eve, I have time […]

4 Dec, 2018

PiCCA awarded Australian Aid grant for Bougainville project

2018-12-04T17:00:54+10:00Dec 4th, 2018|

The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade is funding PiCCA and the Hako Women’s Collective in Bougainville to establish an agricultural program, providing reliable and nutritious food for vulnerable people.

HWC President, Mrs Dorcas Gano said “We are seeing food shortages, poor nutrition and malnourishment as the population grows and our traditional methods of farming are […]

26 Nov, 2018

This Christmas gift a PiCCA donation

2018-11-26T15:48:05+10:00Nov 26th, 2018|

PiCCA is pleased to offer gifts from the heart that won’t clutter your loved ones’ lives with more stuff. Yes, you can give a chicken without anyone having to worry about the mess. Or contribute to a solar fridge in the Congo where electricity supply is unreliable. Or help a farmer in Bougainville achieve food […]

25 Oct, 2018

Bougainville Stage 2 update

2018-11-26T16:14:45+10:00Oct 25th, 2018|

The Hako Women’s Collective (HWC) is continuing to develop their project to help vulnerable families to diversify their farming and learn new techniques to increase production. This is needed as older farming methods are depleting the soil and, at the same time, the population is increasing. Food insecurity and hunger are emerging problems. PiCCA is […]