Ruma is a teacher at the Kamrangirchor Composite Development Project (KCDP) preschool. KCDP runs two classes daily and overall she teaches forty-five children. “Children must go to preschool before they can be enrolled in school” she explains, “this is a government policy.” However, she remarks that in her classes “there are more girls than boys because parents take some of the boys to work.”

Ruma  is a local resident and works in the community to make them aware of the services offered by KCDP: “I meet with parents from the local community and find out if their children are going to preschool. If not, I try to motivate them to enrol. We are doing this for free, so I encourage them to send their children to us.”

Ruma is very passionate about her job: “I enjoy teaching the children. They are well behaved. Some of the boys are a bit naughty sometimes; after all they are only young children!”