“I work at the clinic in the mornings and I make spectacles for people with eye problems,” Fatema explains, “in the afternoon, I go to the field and I talk to people about the problems they face. We also do mobile clinics.

People commonly have problems with vision and general health, especially with children. People in this area are not solvent and we provide free or low cost services. These are ‘floating’ people. Some have jobs, some not. They need fixed jobs and training so they can become more self-reliant.”

Fatema is very passionate about her job: “I like my job very much. I feel I can contribute to poor people – it’s God’s way of helping, through me.”


Arpan did his training in Mymensing. He explains that: “most people come with vision problems – distance vision or near vision. Sometimes people come with headache and sometimes people have cataracts. The main difficulties are that people have little money and they find it hard to understand the condition they have.”

He is very dedicated to his job: “I really like my job. It can be very busy and I like that. My dream was to be in a noble profession to give service to people.”

The Kamrangirchor Composite Development Project (KCDP) Eye Clinic  is a joint project between PiCCA and Symbiosis Foundation.