Bilkis and Insanur are two patients of the  Kamrangirchor Composite Development Project (KCDP) Eye Clinic. This is a joint project between PiCCA and Symbiosis Foundation.


Bilkis is nineteen and has two children, one is attending the preschool at KCDP. Her husband works in a clothing factory. “My daughter loves preschool” she said, “I want my daughter to continue her education no matter the difficulties and obstacles we face.”

And talking about why she came to the clinic she added, “I was seeing everything black. I heard that there are services here at low cost. I don’t have much money and other clinics are very far away and very costly.”


Insanur is a welder and lives locally. “I had an eye problem and couldn’t see distances very well” he said, “My daughter Mim was at the preschool here and I live nearby so I knew about the clinic and that it provides services to local people. I came to the clinic and was told I needed glasses. Other services are very far from home and very expensive. I have also volunteered here at the clinic, helping to make things and doing other jobs.”

Talking about his children he added, “Mim enjoyed preschool and she learned a lot and we had no problem admitting her to school. She is in Grade 1 now. I also have a son who is in Grade 7. My main priority is to educate my children and for them to have higher education.”