In 2018, PiCCA and its partners Kyeema Foundation and AusCongo began a vaccination program in Mbuji Mayi in the Kaisai-Oriental province of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The project is continuing to be delivered with local vaccinators rolling out an ever-increasing sphere of protection for village chickens against the devastation of Newcastle disease. Increasing chicken survival rates also mean increasing income and food sustainability for local farmers.

Lusamba (left in the picture below) and Anto (right) are two Congolese women whose families are part of PiCCA’s chicken health project. Anto said “Our chickens are so healthy and heavy because they are vaccinated, it keeps our chickens from dying. They lay many eggs and the chicks grow well.”
Lusamba said “The chickens help us for the education of our children, we have paid the school fees and also for food, as we have eaten some.”