Vietnam project Improving Living Quality for People with Disability by Chicken Raising has made wonderful progress. With the assistance of our partner, Hearts 4 Hue, the participating families have built their chicken shelters. 2,000 chicks were distributed to 50 families in September 2018 and 2,500 chicks were distributed in December 2018. All chickens have been vaccinated against the flock-destroying Newcastle disease.  The families have all participated in training workshops aimed at not only developing farming skills and a deeper understanding of how to raise disease free chickens but also focusing on the business end of chicken farming dealing with marketing and ongoing business sustainability. Families participating in the project are now establishing a “chicken raising club” so they can continue to share ideas, and learn from and support each into the future.

Watch the video below – posted by Hearts for Hue on their latest newsletter – to learn more about the progress of the project and listen to Mr Le Nghinh, a project participant.