I’ve been part of PiCCA since it started in early 2015. I think PICCA’s approach to sustainable community development provides a genuine opportunity for meaningful projects that address real needs. All of my career has been focussed on local government. I’ve worked in Australia, southern Africa and the Pacific in roles that are about facilitating and managing community development at the local, ‘urban’ level.

The places I’ve lived have been quite varied – from Moama in NSW, to Windhoek in Namibia, Elcho Island in NT, Pretoria and Suva. I also spent six years in Swaziland (including as a Council Chief Executive) and from that experience, led the establishment of AMICAALL Swaziland (PiCCA’s partner) in response to the HIV/AIDS crisis there. I’m currently a senior regional advisor for the Commonwealth Local Government Forum and have supported many colleagues on development programmes and projects. It’s been a fascinating career so far – some challenges, some highlights – including meeting Nelson Mandela.