Mr Le Van Khe is a participant in the PiCCA and Hearts for Hue chicken raising project in Vinh Phu,Vietnam.  The project aims to improve the quality of life and livelihood opportunities for people with disabilities through a program developing chicken raising.


Mr Le Van Khe (66 years old) suffers from a mental illness and has been unable to maintain the kind of steady work that would help him make a living. He has been a part of the chicken raising project in Vinh Phu Community (Vietnam) sponsored by PiCCA Australia since 2018. Before joining the program, he earned a meager living by planting some cassavas, peanuts, green beans and got by on an income of  approximately 30,000 vnd ($1.80) per day. Since joining the program, Mr Le Van Khe has received 90 chickens, which he raises at his house and sells the offspring for profit.

Mr. Khe, along with his wife, now has a sustainable source of income from raising chickens. In early March, the family sold a flock of chickens making close to 3.2 million vnd. Moreover, he still keeps a flock of 10 hens to lay eggs. He said: “Every day, the hens lay about 8 – 10 eggs. Till now, there are a lot of eggs that I collected; I have sold some to the market. I also kept some eggs to hatch out the baby chicks. Now, I have a new flock of 40 chickens thanks to the eggs.”

At the moment,  chickens are in high demand in Vinh Phu and surrounds  since African swine flu ravaged pig heards recently. The price of chickens is expected to increase with a potential income of 200,000 – 250,000 vnd per chicken.