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  • 100% of your donation goes to development projects.
  • Projects are carefully chosen to make a real, measurable difference in local communities.
  • You will be contributing to the improvement  of education opportunities, food security , health and living conditions of overseas communities in developing countries.
  • PiCCA is democratic and inclusive. Members have a say in what we do. We decide together where we work and what projects we fund.
  • There are occasional social events with like-minded people.
  • Members have the chance to contribute their knowledge, experience and ideas and learn from others.
  • You know exactly how your donation is being used, and receive  progress reports.
  • If appropriate for the project, you may be able to contribute practical skills (e.g. medical, health, infrastructure, agriculture, education).


We welcome new members! To join, please complete the online form by clicking on the button below, (or download the pdf version HERE) and pay your membership fee ($50) plus a donation (we ask members to be generous within their means) into the PiCCA Overseas Aid Fund.

The membership fee of $50 per year goes towards PiCCA’s administration costs (such as insurances and website maintenance). Directors have committed to providing, pro bono, any additional funding to meet PiCCA’ s administration costs that is required over and above the revenue from membership fees. Directors’ pro bono contributions are outlined in PiCCA’s Annual Report, available here.

Donations are fully tax-deductible (unfortunately membership fees are not).

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