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Partners in International Collaborative Community Aid Ltd. (PICCA) is an Australian not-for-profit organisation that partners with people in communities overseas to deliver development projects which break the cycle of poverty and dependence.

We act as a bridge to link funding and other resources to these local communities to address the root causes of their identified needs in a sustainable way.

PICCA is a ‘giving circle’: we pool tax-deductible donations from Members and other donors, and use Members’ expertise and ideas in order to choose and monitor projects and, where appropriate, transfer skills to local communities so that they develop independence.

Benefits for overseas communities experiencing disadvantage are that they receive:
• Access to resources to progress equity, opportunity, justice and peace in their community
• A combination of funding and (if appropriate) practical expertise to facilitate more independence
• Assistance in addressing the root causes of issues
• Support for the priority issues that local communities have themselves identified
• Support for leaders within local communities
• Respect as an equal partner.

Benefits for PICCA Members:
100% of your tax-deductible donation goes to development projects.
• Projects are carefully chosen to make a real, measurable difference in local communities.
• You help suggest and choose projects.
• There are regular social events with like-minded people to share and learn together about international development.
• You know exactly how your donation is being used, and receive regular progress reports.
• If appropriate for the community and project, you may be able to contribute practical skills (e.g. medical, health, infrastructure, agriculture, education).

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